Are you a designer?

I’m not. I consider myself one of those people who believe that design is everywhere, something like nature, in fact, believers think that God is a great designer. For me the design has been a great companion in my life, although it has not been part of my professional studies. I met design when I was 12 years old, in that time my father took me to help him in the montages of scenographies, the installation of giant tailor-made booths, the design and creation of beautiful parade floats or to help him in the logistics of the city’s film festival. However I think that one of the biggest responsible for my taste for design was falling in love. I was a very shy guy with the girls in the school. When I wanted to approach to a girl with the intention of pleasing her, I designed a collage with clippings drawn from my father’s design magazines. I did it secretly, I did not imagine myself asking my father for his valuable magazines to cut them and create collages that were given to girls who did not appreciate my compositions and written messages. I do not regret. Meanwhile I created the collages, I read and learned about marketing, typography, illustration, advertising, films and even music. And yes! Luckily I never clipped the sheets when there were interesting articles or illustrations on the back. That forced me to compose my collages with limited trimming resources and to add texts or illustrations made by myself. The last time I did a collage for a girl was when I was 20; The more love stories and disappointments the less clipping options and the magazine only published 20 issues throughout its history! (See the awesome magazine’s covers here).

When it came the time to choose a degree I chose business hoping to learn about marketing, organizational development and all the numbers and strategies that help the organizations to be better and turn into successful companies. I still remember the teacher of the first marketing course asking me:

-What do you want to do after finishing your degree?

-I want to be creative and work in a creative team. I said.

(…) I know, a naive and uninformed answer. But now I think that answer was deeply based on my desire to belong to an organization where cross functional teams created products related to the creative industry. And that’s where video games are part of me, literally. For me video games have always been a form of an effective catharsis that, in addition to the action of entertaining, developed to a large extent my social and leadership skills (I made many friends playing Mario Party, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Dota), taught me a different language and served me as the escape valve when I faced difficult situations in the life of a teenager (for example being rejected by a girl in the school). Personally I think that my taste for design was consolidated back in 2012 With that proposal that contemplated me for becoming part of a talented team of programmers dedicated to creating 3D video games for PC, supporting them in the subject that I had the need to learn but they didn’t: Business and organizations. Nowadays I coexist with several themes that I never imagined would be part of my professional life: User experience, game experience, game design, level design and so on. I have learned so much in the last 4 years about development and production of video games and I think it’s time to share my experiences (and of course, to continue learning). Currently I work as an associate producer in an important video game and virtual reality development studio in Mexico. 50% of this blog will try to share my personal and professional experience in the video game industry and the other 50% will approach narratively and associatively the way in which the design and its theory has helped me to perceive differently all the creations of the human being in art, in the construction of cities and towns, in the production of entertainment as a form of communication and human development and in the use of new (and “old”) technologies that break paradigms as they are adopted and commercialized.

Roughly; Let’s share design and associate design with contemporary everyday life of the human being. Because even life needs to be designed and everyone has the freedom to be designers in their daily lives. In other words: Be a designer.

I leave you with the next definition of design, hoping that you will understand the theme and the direction of these writings.

Design is a Method of Problem Solving




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